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The State of Virginia is a state in the southern United States. The state was one of the thirteen original British colonies and is the twelfth most populous state in the U.S.

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Bounded on the east by the Atlantic Ocean, and west by the Appalachian Mountains, with extensions of the farmland in between, Virginia has much to offer history buffs and lovers of beautiful scenery.

Virginia beautiful girls photo

The geography and climate of the Commonwealth are formed by the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Chesapeake Bay, a habitat for many of its flora and fauna. The capital of the Commonwealth’s Richmond.Virginia Beach is the largest city in Fairfax County and the most populous political subdivision. The population of the Community is more than eight million

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Virginia settled mainly along the rivers in the Chesapeake Bay. The settlers on slave labor to grow cash crops such as snuff, and was based on the trade of England for the basic needs. While settlers primarily from England, Scotland and Ireland were located along the Potomac, Rappahannock and the James River, many German settlers moved into

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